Figueirinha Olive Oil

azeite da Figueirinha

Azeite da Figueirinha is an organic olive oil (without chemicals or other treatments), produced from centenary olive trees. The most widespread in the territory are the Galician olives. Once harvested, they are processed in a mill, separating the oil by centrifugation. A fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is present in the daily diet of Alentejo inhabitants, from traditional ‘tiborna’ (similar to bruschetta), to ‘migas’, dogfish soups and seasoning of vegetables and salads. Olives can also be tanned, crushed or shredded, conserving for an extended period of time. Figueirinha Olive Oil is extracted from olive trees in Vale Figueira, extending to the parishes of Relíquias and Colos, where there are two oil mills. The olive oil produced at the Colos mill can be purchased locally. Vale Figueira Olive Oil is produced largely for family consumption and is registered in the Slowfood movement’s Ark of Taste.

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