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Olive Picking

Extending from November until January, olive picking near little towns and villages, especially if the harvest is small, continues to be hand-held, as in the past. Men and women are assembled with their essential equipment for the harvest: stairs; ‘cambos’ … Read More

Cante ao baldão

Arranged and at the sound of the ‘campaniça’ guitar, the singers begin singing, one by one, counterclockwise. Impatient, silent (not to miss the theme), sipping and nibbling, the singer waits for his turn to defiantly close his eyes and “greet” … Read More

Figueirinha Olive Oil

Azeite da Figueirinha is an organic olive oil (without chemicals or other treatments), produced from centenary olive trees. The most widespread in the territory are the Galician olives. Once harvested, they are processed in a mill, separating the oil by … Read More

Mediterranean diet

To speak of a Mediterranean diet is to speak of one of the most studied eating styles ever and, according to the Secretary-General of the Portuguese Nutrition Association, Helena Real, one of the healthiest. In this dietary pattern there is … Read More

Hygge: The Danish Happiness Formula

It is a kind of carpe diem and a word that brings together all the little pleasures. It is fashionable and apparently we do it every day. How many times have you found yourself with hot tea, a blanket and … Read More

São Luís Carnival

For a genuinely rural Carnival, we suggest a weekend on the Alentejo Coast. Between São Luís, with its Carnival balls and parades, and Figueirinha Ecotourism, an experience in the midst of nature, a self-sustainable tourism in rural areas. In recent … Read More

Reasons to consume locally

Seasonal products are cheaper – it is important to pay attention to the time when there is more supply of certain products on the market. For each season there are more fruits and vegetables available for consumption. Buying local produce … Read More

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