The environment


Two thirds of our swimming pool is dedicated to 23 different species of plants that are responsible for the ecosystem. Close to a natural lake, this underwater world, free of chemicals, is inhabited by frogs, water insects, newts and sometimes turtles. The rest of the space, bordered by floaters, is kept for swimming


Figueirinha Ecoturismo is situated 2,8 km from the closest village. In the middle of nature we chose to use renewable energy, especially solar power and batteries that together provide the basic needs for our home. Learning to live in a sustainable way is an ongoing process in which we try to engage our guests. Replace hi voltage equipment with other options is something we are used to do


Leaves, small branches, leftovers of vegetables and all the content of our dry toilets go to the compost. In due time all this is transformed into organic matter reused in the garden and in the vegetable garden


We grow a biological vegetable garden for our own consumption. Cabbages, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, leaks, beets, onions, courgettes are a few examples of what we have in our land, depending of course on the season


Besides Cookie and Meia Leca – our dogs – Ema and Alice – our cats – we also have toads, frogs, spiders, bees-eaters, woodpeckers, bats, crickets, cicadas, praying mantis, hawks and owls and so many other animals that make this world a fascinating place. Flora wise the cork trees are in majority in this region but there are also olive trees and several fruit trees as well as rock rose bushes and other small bushes that give us a variety of fruits like the wild black berries or the soar berries

We are walking down the road of sustainability, please join us


Prioritize direct contact because the heart of Figueirinha Ecoturismo is fed by the people who give life to the project every day and by those who visit us


Call us through +351 283623306 or using WhatsApp at the following numbers: +351 966706858 or +351 917245192


We are always reachable and will answer your questions through the email or through our contact form

Show up and talk

You can always come by for a visit and we will show you our space and our concept

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