Reasons to consume locally

Seasonal products are cheaper – it is important to pay attention to the time when there is more supply of certain products on the market. For each season there are more fruits and vegetables available for consumption. Buying local produce of the time will save you for sure. Fresher, healthier Products – The faster the food reaches us, the fewer properties lost along the way. Strengthens the region’s economy – Helps families and farmers in your region. The money raised is invested in the region, providing better quality for our producers and for us consumers. What farmers earn from the wholesale price is close to the cost of production, making them less profitable. Less waste, waste and pollution – less processing, less packaging, less shipping time and less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Preserving Rural Areas – Buying local food helps preserve landscapes and the ecosystem as a whole. When farmers receive fair values, they are less likely to sell or abandon their land. Building a community – By buying a product in small businesses, you are creating a connection between who eats and who plants. Knowing where products come from, knowing their seasonal cycles and their production processes is a privilege.

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